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2007 Tryout Schedule
Tryouts for all competitive divisions (Major baseball, Major softball and Minor baseball) will be held on March 10th at the Green Meadow school in Maynard. This year’s format is different than past years so please read the tryout information below carefully.
The times listed below are the start times for the 15 minute warm-up session for each tryout group. Tryouts begin immediately following the warm-up session and your child will NOT have another opportunity to loosen up before his or her tryout. We recommend you show up 5 to 10 minutes before the start times listed in case there is a line checking in.
Major baseball and Major softball tryouts are for “first time” Major players only. If your child played in the Majors last year, he or she will be returning to the same team and should NOT attend the tryouts. All Minor baseball players should attend tryouts.
Start Time
Tryout Group
8:15 am
All “first time” Major softball players
10:10 am
Minor baseball players born between 6/1/97 and 4/30/98, inclusive
11:50 am
Minor baseball players born between 10/1/96 and 5/31/97, inclusive
1:30 pm
Minor baseball players born between 5/31/94 and 9/30/96, inclusive
3:10 pm
All “first time” Major baseball players