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As of April 1st, 2022, Maynard Stow Baseball Softball will no longer be providing specific COVID-19 guidance beyond that provided by the CDC and state and local health departments. All participants (players, coaches, and spectators) in all activities run by MSBS are expected to follow any state, town, and facility rules regarding mask wearing that apply to the location where the activity is taking place.

The following is a link to the CDC website which provides guidance for most scenarios:


We ask that if your child tests positive for COVID-19 you alert the manager of the team as soon as possible so he/she can relay that information to the rest of the team. We will not release the names of infected players without your consent.

Any participant who is asked to quarantine from school because of COVID-19 diagnosis, positive test or close contact may not participate in any MSBS activities until they have been cleared to return to school.

The CDC has varying guidelines depending on vaccination status for those infected or deemed close contact to an infected individual. We ask that you PLEASE visit the CDC website to determine what course of action to take and adhere to the CDC's recommendations.

Please follow these guidelines and help us protect the other members of the community.