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by posted 03/28/2020


Hello Everyone and welcome to the Arizona Sun Devils in the AVLL Majors Softball league.  I have been waiting to send information on the team, considering the Covid19 emergency that is going on I have held off.  The team will be coached by Rob Webster, Chris Alphen, and Michael Labosky -manager.  Other parents are welcome to volunteer to help, just let us know.  I do not have any updates beyond those sent out by Ken Scully and the league at this point.

I do need your help however.  This year the league is providing pants as part of the softball uniforms.  This will require us to collect sizing information.   The pants are from A4.  Their website is A4.com  You can filter by softball and bottoms/pants.  Our uniforms will be maroon jerseys, gray pants with yellow belts.  Jay Raschi has been organizing the uniforms.  I can pass on any questions you may have on this.

Please send sizing info to me for your team member.  My email is mrtlabosky@gmail.com.  My cell is 617 599-4529, please text/call with any questions.

Lastly I hope you and your families are all doing well in this important time.  I hope you stayy safe (and sane).




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